Family Lawyer In Miami

If you have a family law issue in Miami, you need to hire the right Miami family law attorney. You may not know it yet, but you do have powerful legal rights.

Accordingly, if you’re dealing with child custody battles, child support payments, or parenting plan proceedings, an adept family lawyer at Ravel Law Firm can help ensure that everyone is treated fairly. We have over 20 years of experience in this field with 330+ satisfied clients. So you can trust us to help you secure your legal family rights professionally at an affordable budget.

Miami Child Custody Act

To assuring the right custody rights of a child, a legal act called the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act is followed in all the US states, including Florida (Miami). According to this act, the courts make custody decisions based on what’s best for the kids. 

Now child custody includes both physical and legal custody. Physical custody means where the child will reside or the daily caretaking of the child. However, legal custody means the education, health, and other developmental expenses of the child. A professional family attorney in Miami can help you get the right custody.

Family Lawyer In Miami
Family Lawyer In Miami

Miami Parenting Plan

Whenever a case revolves around a time-sharing dispute in Florida, then a parenting plan has been devised by the parents to ensure the best interests of the child. If you can’t, take guidance from a family lawyer in Miami. The parenting plan covers the following aspects:

  • The equitable distribution of the child’s responsibilities among the parents.
  • Which parent will bear the children’s education, health, and other day-to-day expenses?
  • A clear decision regarding time-sharing; when and how much time will each parent spend with the child?
  • How the parents can communicate with the child and how frequently.

The parents can decide on a proper parenting plan themselves without the need for any legal assistance. However, if you don’t, then the court has the right to issue a parenting plan on its own. You must have to follow the parenting plan irrespective of which parents get which custody of the child custody.

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You’ll want an attorney with lots of experience handling cases like yours. In fact, you’ll need one who has been in business for over 20 years, offering legal aid Miami. Our attorneys at Ravel Law are experts in family law and have years of experience helping people like you to secure their legal family rights without going to court.

We know how to get things done quickly and efficiently so that you can move forward with your life as soon as possible—without having to deal with any unnecessary stress or worry about how everything will turn out later on down the road!

Ravel Law Firm has 330+ happy clients who feel confident that they made the right choice by hiring us when they needed legal assistance regarding child custody proceedings (and other family-related matters). If this sounds like something that could interest you, too, Request a call back today by filling out the form.

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