Family Lawyer In Delaware

If you are looking for a family law attorney in Delaware, look no further. Our firm has been providing high-quality legal services for over 20 years and we continue to grow as a result of our client’s satisfaction with our results.

We understand that deciding on child custody due to certain family issues can be an emotional time for everyone involved, including children who may not understand why their parents are breaking up. As your family lawyer at Ravel Law firm, we will guide you through the process and make sure that it goes smoothly so that both parties can focus on their futures without worrying about legal issues being resolved during this trying time in their lives.

Child Custody Petition in Delaware

In Delaware, you have to file a separate petition for child custody. It provides an injunction to protect the parents against any possible violence during the trial period.

According to this petition, any of the parents can’t move a child out of Delaware until the case is closed. The parents have to seek each other’s permission to take the child out of the state. To make this process more convenient, the parents and children take a Parent-Education class.

Family Lawyer In Delaware
Family Lawyer In Delaware

Whether the parents will get sole or joint custody, the court decides according to the best interests of the child. However mostly, in Delaware, joint custody is preferred if it’s better for the child. Otherwise, it can be legal or physical depending upon the situation.

Child’s Best Interest and Mediation

Once the petition for child custody is presented successfully. Then the court will pass on the case to the mediation until there are any clues of domestic violence. In this scenario, the court will continue the hearings.

Meanwhile, in such situations, the case will go to mediation only when the family law attorney Delaware of the petitioner’s request. Then the court will consider the following factors to take an effective decision.

  • Background of the parental responsibilities.
  • Any record of domestic violence.
  • Criminal history.
  • A record of the health condition, specifically the mental health of both parents.

But most importantly, the court will specifically focus on the factors which are best for the child; whether the child wants joint or sole custody, and prefers which parent. These factors are not limited to just the above 4. The Delaware courts also offer a 6 months order to assess the cooperation of each [aren’t to the joint custody.

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Divorce is more tiresome, especially when children are involved. Going it alone is even harder. To make sure that your children and your assets are protected, you need to seek the help of a family law lawyer. Here we come! Ravel Law Firm has over 20 of experience and knows what it takes to protect your interests and those of your children during a divorce.

We have helped many people through difficult child custody in Delaware without having any issues arise later down the road (which can happen). If you are facing this situation right now or know someone who is, contact us today.

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