Terms of Service

This policy explains what personal details we collect, where and how we might use those details, how we secure the data, and the options you get with respect to the private details. The Firm is a legal practice that values and protects the privacy of its clients.


Before using the Website or sending any details to the Firm in any other way, you should read this policy thoroughly and be certain that you comprehend it. When you visit the Site, give the Firm any content, or otherwise show your agreement, it will be assumed that you agree this policy.

Avoid using and immediately cease using, the Site and don’t otherwise send any details to the Firm if you do not accept this policy. Visiting the Site only for the purpose of reading this policy is considered “not using the Site” for the objectives of this Section.

Third-Party Sites

You may be able to access other websites (each a “Third-Party Site”) from within the Site. When you access a Third-Party Site, you must conform with the Third-Party Site’s own rules and policies.

Any data you submit to, or that is otherwise obtained by, any Third-Party Site is done so at your own risk, and the Firm is not accountable for the privacy policies or procedures of any Third-Party Site.


Cookies and other related systems may be used throughout our websites to better understand your preferences and provide you with a more tailored experience. Cookies are bits of information that a website’s server sends to your device and that browser then stores on your computer.

Cookies allow us to remember who you are and what you’ve done on our sites before. Cookies can also be used to track a user’s activity on a webpage and to remember the user’s preferences, preventing the user from having to enter them again the next time they visit.

Cookies are commonly used and accepted. The default setting for most browsers is to allow cookies, although you can usually change this behavior in the settings menu.


You can always opt out of giving data to the Firm by alerting the Firm or discontinuing your use of the Site, whichever applies. You may not be able to use or gain from some services offered by the Firm or functionalities of the Website if you decline to submit any information when required to do so.


Except as offered in the instantly following statement, the Firm will, at a minimal level, use reasonable and fair efforts to safeguard Personal Details from misuse, loss, and unauthorized access, modification, destruction, and disclosure in accordance with the Rules of Professional Behavior (or other rules that apply to the Firm’s attorneys) and all regulations applicable to the Firm.

The Firm does not assume any responsibility or liability for the loss, misuse, or unauthorized access, modification, deletion, or disclosure of any Personal Information that you voluntarily disclose or display on the Site.

If you have any more questions or issues regarding this privacy policy, feel free to reach us using the contact information, or mailing address indicated on this website. We will update this page if there are any material changes to our data practices.

For more information visit About Us page, also check our Disclaimer & Terms of Service. If you have any query regarding anything, please Contact Us.