Divorce Lawyer In Queens

On the vowing day, you would have never thought of a time when you will be separating from your partner. But unfortunately, now it happened due to some family issues and you have no option left other than divorce.

Being professional queen divorce attorneys, we can understand how sorrowful these situations can be for you. That is why we are here at Ravel Law Firm to get you through this complex process by providing 24/7 legal assistance at an affordable budget. So don’t feel dejected and know how a Ravel divorce attorney can help you secure your rights in Queens.

No-Fault Divorce Lawyer Queens NY

Although it’s not rare to get a divorce, it’s not that easy also. Because there are many legal prerequisites. That is why it is advised to hire a professional queens divorce lawyer.

In New York before 2010, the court required a proper fault to ask for a divorce. But now in Queens, divorce does not always need a serious reason to concur. It sometimes happens due to a few common issues which fall under the category of no-fault divorce. This category of divorce includes the following reasons.

  • Parental issues.
  • Abuse.
  • Financial disturbances.
  • Adultery.
  • Mis-management of work.
  • Addiction to any devastating thing.

Consequently, if you are facing any of these problems or want to take a divorce due to any reason then you must consult a divorce lawyer queens at Ravel Law. Otherwise, you can face a lot of hurdles during this troublesome process.

Divorce Lawyer In Queens
Divorce Lawyer In Queens

Other Reasons for a Divorce in Queens

There are times when besides the no-fault divorce some other problems occur between the partners.

Having it in mind, if you are not comfortable continuing the relationship with your partner then you can file for a divorce in case of the following issues:

  • There are certain cases when any of the spouses face imprisonment. So if you are being suffered by it then in this situation you have got the legal right to file a divorce motion.
  • When your spouse doesn’t agree on most things or at least on some important things, then you can demand divorce based on irreconcilable differences.

However, in the case of irreconcilable differences, you have to prove that you tried for at least 6 months in resolving these problems but still, they are not.

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We at Ravel Law Firm have over 20 years of experience in resolving divorce, child custody, and other family problems. Our 330+ happy clients are proof of our quality work. The satisfied clients enable us to provide competent services regarding all the Queens family problems.

We at Ravel Law being professional family lawyers assist you like family and leave no stone unturned to secure your rights involving divorce. Hence, if you need any legal assistance regarding divorce in Queens then Ravel Law Firm is just a mail away to get you peacefully through this complicated process.

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