Child Custody Lawyer In Virginia

A parental agreement involving child custody is never easy. Whether you want custody or not because it involves a large troublesome process of legal terms. That is why you would be wondering where are professional custody law firms near me to help ease the process.

This is where Ravel Law Firm proves handy. Here you get a large mass of professional family attorneys serving in Virginia. Having over 20 years of experience in solving child custody, parenting plan, and other family issues, we don’t disappoint you if you need our services in Virginia.

Child Custody Lawyer In Virginia
Child Custody Lawyer In Virginia

10 Factors Determining Child Custody in Virginia

In Virginia, the family courts follow a § 20-124.3 code. It states that the courts should consider the given 10 factors to correctly decide child custody.

  1. The court should contemplate the physical and mental condition of the child.
  1. Who can fulfill the necessities of the child well? The relationship of the child with his/her siblings, friends, and family members. But the list is not limited to just them.
  1. The child’s relationship with each parent. Which parent is providing better interest interests to the child and also the child prefers which of the two parents?
  1. The court has the right to consider the mental and physical fitness of each parent. The best custody lawyer in VA and the judge have to do this for ensuring the onward safety of the child.
  1. Check out the contribution of both parents to the life of their child in the past and also determine if they can do better for their child in the future.
  1. The VA family law court has to focus on whether the parents are inclined towards supporting the relation of the child with the other parent or not.
  1. The mutual alacrity of each parent towards continuing a close relationship with the child and considering the parent’s contribution towards solving the disputes involving or affecting the child.
  1. The court can also consider the preference of the child regarding the parents. But the courts do it only when the child is at enough understandable age to make effective decisions.
  1. A complete history of about 10 years back to the day when the petition is filed. This history includes consideration of any type of abuse, violence, or any threatening.
  1. The court’s decision is not limited to the above 9 factors. Therefore besides these, the family law courts in Virginia can consider other factors as well when deciding effective child custody.

Irrespective of the complexity of the case the Virginia custody lawyer at Ravel Law Firm tries their best to help you throughout the legal process.

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A minor mistake regarding your child custody may be costly for you. Therefore never risk your case by filtering the unlimited Google searches or taking advice from random people. This is where you should go for a professional yet trustworthy custody lawyer in VA.

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